KRSIX, an instrumental sextet led by saxophonist Kasper Rietkerk, has been making waves in the London music scene since their debut in the spring of 2021. Their dynamic music is performed with great energy and expression, drawing comparisons to a mix between Brian Blade’s Fellowship and Radiohead. The band recently recorded a full-length album with a string quartet, featuring guest appearances from Anatole Muster, Emma Rawicz, and Immy Churchill. The album is set to be released on Zennez records with a launch at Pizza Express Soho in London on June 24th, 2024.

While rooted in jazz, KRSIX’s music is heavily influenced by rock, folk, and blues music. All the music is written and arranged by Kasper, who draws inspiration from his observations and experiences after moving to London. Kasper performs alongside Max McLeish (trombone), Alex Lockheart (guitar), Benji Bown (piano), Jonah Evans (drums), and Toby Yapp (double bass).

Photo by Jaap Kroon (2023)